How to Create Google API keys to Access Blogger Blogs using API

Do you need to use your blogger blog posts outside blogger? Google APIS are one of the easiest way to get access to your blogger blogs(posts,comments and mane more) and use it in other applications like Android APPS, iPhone apps or even in other web applications.
Today we are here with a tutorial which will help you to generate API keys from Google API console along with enabling blogger v3 APIS.

An API key (either a server key or a browser key) is a unique identifier that you generate using the Developers Console. Using an API key does not require user action or consent. API keys do not grant access to any account information, and are not used for authorization.

Creating a new Project Google Developers Console

Visit Google Developers Console and Create a new project.

In the next screen you have to name your app.

After successfully creating your project. From APIs and Auth section click APIs and enable Blogger API V3 or other APIs that will like to use for your project.

Creating API keys

Now take credentials section of your API project and create a new key.
And click server key or browser key according to your requirements. If you need to limit use of that api from a particular IP address make sure to add ip address that you will use for your project.

After success you will see details of your project along with a key named “API KEY”;