VubeTube Blogger Template

VubeTube Blogger Template

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VubeTube responsive video blogger template is the latest addition to our blogger template collection. It is specially designed to share YouTube videos and dailymotion videos. It is professional responsive blogger template with many features. If you need to create a stunning video blog, VubeTube is the best choice and your users will enjoy browsing videos in your blog.

Features of VubeTube Blogger Template

  • Responsive design: Our video blogger template is fully responsive. So template will give consistent user experience in most of devices. 
  • Automatic video Thumbnails: Vubetube template automatically generate video thumbnails from first video in article. If video doesn't exist in article, then it will set first image as thumbnail in homepage, archive page and search results page. 
  • YouTube and Dailymotion support:  VubeTube automatically generate video thumbnails from YouTube videos and dailymotion videos. 
  • Related Videos: It will automatically generate video thumbnails from videos/Images with relate to content in related posts. 
  • Drop down menu: Our theme is coming with a drop down. It is also supports social media icons.

Some other features are better footer label design in footer, footer widgets and subscribe button.

Hope you liked this template, We are soon coming with another video blogger template which will support more video sharing sites, popular posts with automatic thumbnails, featured videos and many more features. So don't forget to subscribe to our latest templates.
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Good work bro :D
Thanks bro..
I am very interested, but when I upload to my blog all the videos are not automatically Thumbnails can you help me?
Can you please provide url of your website? So i can check what is problem with it...
nice tempalte... but i think better when you put somthing button "social media" to share this content! thanks!
Soon we will add social media sharing icons.
how to remove the dialog at the post page please?
Dialog in post where? Which dialog?

It show up everytime i view a post at your demo.
Thanks for noticing... Solved that issue, download latest template.
sharing some videos from youtube it not show Thumbnails and related videos show No Image available , how to fixed it?
Can you share your blog?
How to remove the alert box on postpage?
Please download latest version of vubetube. Solved that issue...
How to resize my video post . i want to put my youtube playlist but can't not add more size . Please help !
thanks dude good job..

but how to replace "No image availabe" thumbnail to exactly video thumbnail?
Video thumbnail is working properly in demo and other sites. Did you change anything in template? that might be the reason.
Solve the "No Image Available" Problem here, tell us how to solve it
Try downloading latest version of Vubetube. That should solve the issue.
Problem on Related Posts... =(
Its solved already, you have to download latest version of Vubetube...
Thanks for the theme.
My problem is just the one, the video on the page is the place I want to write exceed correctly but the page does not open closed if more waiting for your help.
I didn't get you... Can you show where the exists?
I do not know English
(No English)
google translate

Solved that issue.. Download latest version of template.
I downloaded the latest version, but the problem of related posts continue ...
I want to add some text below the post but it doesn't show any text actually i already add during i am doing posting. So can you please give me the solution.

Thanks you.
Download latest version of vubetube.
i want to share videos of other sites (without youtube or dailymotion). what i have to do?

by the way.....your template is awesome
We are working on a new template, which should support more video hosting services.
Hi, I am trying to post Facebook video, It is embeded perfectly. For Thumbnail i have uploaded an image in post so it can appear on home page. But on homepage it shows No Image Available. How do i get my uploaded thumbnail to show on homepage if there is no auto thumbnail from facebook's video. Or please add auto thumbnail from facebook videos as well.
Thanks Please reply soon.
We will check this issue. Soon we will come with a solution.
Hello again, I don't want auto thumbnail for videos. I want to upload my own thumbnail in post and show it on homepage. How do i do that?
Dailymotion auto thumbnail = Ok
Youtube auto thumbnail = ok
Facebook auto tumbnail = Not ok, it shows No Image Available even i have uploaded a thumbnail image in the post.

I hope you got my point.
Please help fast.
Please take a look at this image and guide me, Thanks
Hi, i love your theme, but one thing that makes me crazy is that i cant put texts in posts. Like when I want to post a youtube video, and I would like to add some texts before the video. is this really a default in your theme? ill be waiting for your reply. thank you!
Please help me, I really like your theme....... When I write long articles, the body of my post ( i dont know what to call it) wont extend or expand, so my article is cut off, the date box and the "no similar videos" box overflow to each other. :( And also, when I post videos, it wont let me add texts or paragraphs in the post. Please help me fix these problems.... Thank You!
We noticed that issue. Working on that. Actually we created this template to just share videos. So we didn't check it with plenty of text contents and other stuffs. Be patient with in a day or 2 we will come with a new version of vubetube template.
Solved those issues related to videos and text.
Thank you so much for the quick reply! I'll just wait for the updates. :)
After New updates video are not responsive.
Sorry for that. We forced to do that to improve other features of template.
Hi, how to post video from dailymotion on my blog???
Take a video and copy paste embed code.
Hi, awesome template, thanks...
Just... The Thumbnails does't work with videos from Vimeo... right?
This is coming soon or whats my option(s)?
Videos from vimeo is not compatible right now. We are developing a better version of vubetube which will support vimeo and one more video sharing site.
Hello how can i change the background of the whole template from white into black please help me
That needs some change in code.
I am not getting any texts below a video when I embed a dailymotion video. Please help.
We solved that issue. Did you download latest version of template.
hello can you help on how can i make the footer into one? because they are three pleasehelp
show no image vaillable in ralated video , here is my blog
I also have problem with related video it not show the image too!!!!
Pls give you latest file for download
I dono why it is behaving like that. Download file is recent, same as in the preview template.
Pls help to check it again!

Here my blog it not show Thumbnail in related video!!!
Your Template well done I really Like it!!!
Template is working perfect. Right?
Hi, your theme is amazing. But how can i change "sddefault.jpg" to "mqdefault.jpg" because some of the thumbnails are not displayed:
can you make this compatible with smartrebrander videos?
Helo dear i want to ask you that i want to that vubetube gnerate just my image from my post
Enter a valid url