Vebtube Video Blogger Template

Vebtube Video Blogger Template

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VebTube is a simple and responsive blogger template for video bloggers. This vlog template supports 3 famous video hosting sites. Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. It will automatically generate thumbnail images and show in Home Page and Archive pages of your blog.
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Features of Vebtube

  • Responsive
  • 2 Column Blogger Template
  • Responsive Layout in most of devices
  • Automatic thumbnails of videos
  • Support for youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion

Post page

Adding slider to Vebtube

It is just like our old templates. Here it is the snippet for adding an awesome slider to your blog with latest posts under a label.
<div class="magazine_slider_flex">
Here Slider is heading, Youtube is label and 16 is number of posts. Make sure that you changed default "numposts = 9;" in your template to support more posts.

More Code Snippets for Vebtube

Bootstap Email Subscribe Form
Vebtube Top Navbar Code
VebTube Blogger Template Main Navbar code
Thanks for downloading our template. We are very please with your continued help and support. Add your own opinions and comments.
Download Demo/Preview
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Hi sir,
It's a very wonderful template
But there is a problem. When you share video in Facebook not appear to participate in the video image on Facebook
I hope that the problem will be resolved and thank you
This URL i put into it the template:
plz i have slider problem
only 1 video is shown in slider plz tell me how to submit more
Did you have more videos in that particular label? can you please share your blog where you are using this template?

this is my blogger plz check
i have just put slider code above the recent post
and rename my video name with youtube name
so where i add more videos
plz tell me

ar send me complete html code in email
my email is
[email protected]
Make sure that you enabled full feed and also make sure you replace "Youtube" with a label.
youtube is replaced with one video label, so how to submit more labels for further videos in slider.
You can only have only one label in a widget. Add more posts with same label to show more videos.
thank you so much problem is solved
such a great admin bundle of thanks
my blog can not catch thumbnail from youtube video. It shows blank image.
Let me check it... I think it is missing for some videos..
sir i have using this tamplate. when i upload a video it is not shown to slider ....plz solve this issue.....or email me at [email protected]
my blog is ......
sir i am using this tamplet but i am facing some problems regarding slider.
when i post video first it is not showing full width and also it is not showing in slider barr..
plz visit this link
and solve my problem or email me at [email protected]
There is no videos in your blog.
plz check it again
plz check the my blog and suggest me how to add dropdowns list in menu bar......
Plz check my blog now and video not shown on slider
I have a problem in the scroll bar does not appear even though I put 8 videos
Can you please share your blog?
You need to add some labels to your post and replace "widgetrc(
); " "Youtube" with any of that label.
I did not understand well
Good !! Oh thank you Very much
Hello Admin m new in blogging can u help me to change the header color in template and also how to add slider in it?
my blog can not catch thumbnail for related videos. It shows blank image.
plz check the my blog and suggest me how to add dropdowns list in menu bar......
Slider not Shown Here..Plz Help me
Did you add slider code?
Excellent template! Thank you very much! But related videos pictures doesn't work. It shows: "No image available". Is there any solution concerning this issue?
Can i have a look at your blog where you installed vebtube?
Yes, please.
I think its because most of videos you embed are Youtube playlists. Anyway we will check that and let you know about this.
Thank you very much!
I have a problem with my blog, the slider doesn't appear....
Did you add proper code as explained above?
yes, I added the html and change the label, but... It still doesn't work
Awesome theme!
Hi, this is a amzaing template! Thanks! bu t i've prblem, can you explain how to add slider? Thanks!
I like this template, very professional and elegant for video sites.
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