SimpleBT Blogger Template

SimpleBT is a free responsive 1 column blogger template best suited for personal blogs and status blogs. It is not the limit simple blogger template can be used for many purposes including professional status blogs. Like our previous blogger template simpleBT is coming with plenty of features including ease of changing background and changing color schemes.

Features of Simeple Blogger template

  • Responsive design
  • Simple related posts widget
  • Easily customize using template designer
  • 1 Column blogger template

How to change background image and main color

Easily change color schemes using blogger template advanced customize options. Here it is some color variations using Flat UI Colors.

Simple Blogger Theme

Changing background

Background Image

Color Options

Color options

Thanks to Feedo html template

  1. Mohamad Salman Alfarisi
    Mohamad Salman Alfarisi says:

    Wow great template, I love it! Can i ask something? how to make my picture post & text content appear in home page? *not only blog post title? Help Me please…. :)

  2. mohsalfa
    mohsalfa says:

    Actually this template is very simple and elegant, I like it! but can you help me to hide or remove tiny play ‘icon’ in every right side of blog title pos? you can see my blogspot: because i think this icon is no use as an icon. Thank you! I I really love this template.

  3. Anurag
    Anurag says:

    FYI: Blog post icon link not working.
    After changing to data:post.url it works.