Quotes Masonry Blogger Template

Quotes Masonry Blogger Template

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Quotes is a responsive masonry blogger template specially designed for sharing Quotes and Images. It is simple blogger template designed for personal blogs and for professional photographers. 

Features of Quotes Blogger Template

  • Responsive design
  • Masonry grid design
  • Photography blogger template
  • Better page navigation
  • Related posts
  • No sidebar in Home page
  • Comment section and moderator icon
Most of the settings for this template is self explanatory.

How to change moderator 'mod' text in Comment section

Just search for this code and replace mod with your own text.
content: "mod";
Some other settings
summary_noimg = 250;
summary_img = 100;
var relatedpoststitle='Related Quotes';
var norelatedpoststitle='There is no Related Quotes';
summary_noimg stands for summary text in home page when there is no image. summary_img stands for text summary length when there is a image in post. Other 2 are related posts heading when there is related posts and there is not.
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Download Demo/Preview
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Thanks for sharing this powerful and useful template.
i want all my quotes to be shown full at the home page...so that people can read full quote without going to the original post...how to do it???...i already set "summary_noimg = 2500;"....still nothing happened...
That might not work... can you please share blog url, so i can check it.
my blog post are only showing heading & cant able to find the setting you have mentioned. Please provide complete settings in detail
Can you please share your blog url?
You can visit - http://udhyambizquotes.blogspot.in/ only the title is showing. Also i want to freeze the navigation bar, pls send what to do...
You are using different blogger template in that site. Which is best suited for image blogs.
Enter a valid url