Grid Pin Photography Blogger Template

Grid Pin is professional responsive Photography Blogger Template for sharing photos and designs. Grid Pin is making use of responsive masonry feature to give pinterest like masonry effect in home page, search pages, category pages and archive page. Posts and pages will have default 2 column layout.

Features of Grid pin blogger template

Here it is the list of features that we bundled with this nice photography blogger template.

  • Responsive design: We always tried to provide best responsive blogger templates from our first template onward’s. Grid pin is also a responsive blogger template which is making use of bootstrap grid along with jquery Masonry plugin.
  • Masonry design in home page: We already mentioned that, Grid pin have masonry effect in home page, search pages, category pages and archive page.
  • Two column drop down menu: There is a nice inbuilt two column drop down menu.
  • Nice tweet button and like button in home page.
  • Awesome related post widget.
  • Sidebar label widget.
  • Search button in navigation menu.
  • Special social sharing buttons for post pages.
Grid Pin

Missing sidebars from blogger layout page

When you first install this template you may not be able to view sidebar widget section in layout page.


In this template we are hiding sidebar widget using blogger template tags only in home page. In normal case layout page usually accept home page design.


Search and find this code in your template.

<!-- Start sidebar widgets -->
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;index&quot;'>

And replace it with

<!-- Start sidebar widgets -->

Find this code

<!-- end sidebar widgets -->

and replace it with

<!-- end sidebar widgets -->

And save your template, it will show sidebar widgets in layout page. But it will not affect your site(Hiding sidebar using in both cases.), and it is better to revert back changes after setting sidebar widgets.

Mobile screenshots

Mobile Preview GridPin Template

Mobile Preview GridPin Blogger Template
Here it is from our side, write your own suggestions to improve this blogger template. That should help us to create nice blogger templates in future.
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  1. deepika p
    deepika p says:

    Nice template I am started using it have several problems while using in chrome. Posts are not displaying clearly. could you please find a fix and let me know. Thanks for your help in advance

      • deepika p
        deepika p says:

        when using in chrome I am getting photos one over other. my blog name is check this link of my site in chrome some times its working some times I am getting 1 picture over other. That is the reason I just selected to show 5 posts on my home page But I want to show atleast 10 posts on my home page. Please have a look and let me know the fix. Thanks for your help in advance

        • deepika p
          deepika p says:

          I am waiting for your reply. I wish you could give me fix for this so that I can continue using this template.

  2. Jay U.
    Jay U. says:

    I cant chnage the number of post in front page, stuck to 4 posts only… any solution? thanks!

    • Weblogtemplates
      Weblogtemplates says:

      Please check number of post section layout page. or check if any of your post is exceeding blogger maximum content length. We did.'t find any such issues with template.

  3. Edward Kilpatrick
    Edward Kilpatrick says:

    I don't even know how to add a video with this template…..any instructions? Thanks