GAG99 Blogger Template

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Gag99 is the latest addition to our blogger template collection. It is a free responsive blogger template which will help you to showcase videos or images in the best way. It will automatically show a thumbnail image or video in home page. It is a responsive blogger template making using of bootstrap 3 grid.

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Features of GAG99 Blogger template

  • Responsive design 
  • Related posts widget 
  • Advanced admin layout page 
  • Compatible with template desginer 
  • 2 Column blogger template
  • Easily showcase Images
  • Video Blogger template
  • Social media sharing buttons
  • Gag template to share memes and funny images
  • Recent posts widget using labels

Recent posts widget

Code for html widget. Replace Featured with your own label.

<div class="small-recent-posts">

This code if need to showcase recent posts.

<div class="small-recent-posts">

Other settings

var twitaccount = 'weblogtemplates';
var twithash = 'weblogtemplates';
//related posts settings
var defaultnoimage = "";
var maxresults = 4;
var relatedpoststitle = " Related Posts";
var norelatedpoststitle = " No related posts"

Please find the above code in blogger template to make your own template. Change value weblogtemplates under twitaccount to change your twitter via account and twithash to change hashtag that you can append to each tweet from your blog. Change number of related posts using maxresults and Heading using relatedpoststitle.
Everyone can easily change code inside menu by searching and editing links inside this HTML5 nav tags.

<nav class='navbar navbar-default main-top-nav' role='navigation'>



More screenshots of Gag99 Template

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