Foliocard Blogger Template

Foliocard Blogger Template

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Foliocard is a free professional portfolio blogger template. Best suited for personal and business blogs to show off your work and skills in an organized way by simply creating new posts. It is responsive and making use of Bootstrap 3.1.1 grids and menu.

Foliocard Portfolio Template Features

  • Responsive design
  • Powered by Bootstrap 3.1.1
  • Portfolio template
  • Single column blogger template
  • Related posts widget
  • Numbered pagination
  • 3 column footer widgets

How to edit Portfolio Image and Text

Edit your template and search for this code.
<section id='hero'>
          <div class='hero-block'>
            <img class='img-circle' height='150' src='' width='150'/>
              Hi, I am John doe!
              Hello, I'm Admin of weblogtemplates and this is our new blogger template, Foliocard.
              It is extremely easy to configure and use. Designed to show your Web design or web development portfolios.
              No complex stuff. Your logo, your articles & your social links. Easy stuff!
Replace image with your own image by replacing this
Hope you all liked this template. Foliocard is created using popular bootstrap 3 html template stanley. Add your suggestions and opinions as comment.
Download Demo/Preview
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Theme Author Weblyb



Nice !
Hey guys, how can i modify the post count on front page to 3 ?
You can do it easily by changing default options in blogger admin panel.
thats awesome template ! I will use it on my blogger later,ths ur make it and share it:)
Hey guys, if i change the front page post count to 2, how can i center them ? I tried to change the width to 800px which then centers the thumbs, but breaks the "responsive" build. Also when I enter the post, the content isn't centered.
Hope to get a response, you guys rock ;)
can you please share your blog, so we can make a look at what is happening.
Ye sure, . I'm just trying to see if I can get it as I would like it to be on that URL. Anyways as you see I have changed the width to 800. So the 2 thumbs would be in the center. But if you now enter one of the "posts" you can see the post content has shifted to the right. So let's say that I won't change the width to 800px on #Container, that would make the 2 thumbs stay on the left not in the center but the post content would be centered. I hope you understand what I mean. I do hope that you guys can help me out. :)
I checked your blog, here it is a screenshot of a post page which seems to be ok from here and it is center aligned and after changing the width to 800px Both seems to be working...
thanks vey much.. i like all template
Love this template! How do I edit the work, about, blog, and contact tabs?
To add link to those texts in navbar you have to do some editing. Please refer this tutorial
Thank you so much!
um hi! :) how do we change the background color of this template?
Which background color that you need to change?
Dear Admin, thank you so much for this awesome template...

I have the following problem and i need your help
My posts are not aligned well, there are gaps between them (e.x, how can i remove this gaps?

Thank you in advance,
You need to use images having minimum image width of 400px and height of 300px.
Thank you for your prompt response, i'll try to resize the images
i put to each post hidden images size 400X300 and most gaps left apart one from the second row, do you know why?
HI, thanks for the nice XML

i've translate it to Arabic

hope you don't mind :)
hi, how do i add social media buttons to blog header in your theme? please guide
That needs some extra work.
Hello Admin,
Please advise us on adding facebook sharing and commenting instead of Google.
Great template for showcasing. How do I shrink the navbar and hello message?

Many thanks
numbered pagenation not work. how to fix it?
How to post with the picture? only then there is a link to the full article.
My blog posts are posted directly into the home
Great template for showcasing. How do I shrink the navbar and hello message?
Great theme, although none of my posts are showing - are you able to help?
Hi, awesome theme.

Just one question, how do i make sure all my posts are the same size? They aren't in nice neat rows but instead are scattered in different places and the images aren't centred inside the thumbnail.

Any help would be great! is my site (i haven't changed anything yet, i'm just trying to get the post images sorted out)


hi, admin, great theme.
i have some problem, when i post a portrait picture, the tumbnails post is align to left.
how the tumbnails to the center?

Can you please share your blog url?
Thank you for this great template.!

Just one question: how can I change for a background image the grey colour ? (I think is the "hero" section)
Sorry for late replay.
Which image are you talking about?
Hi, very nice template. I can't find the way to change the circular shape for the picture. Either I let the image shrink circular or it displais a broken image.

Thank you!
Remove this code from template which will help to display featured image as it is
.img-circle {
border-radius: 50%;
Try to use an image iwth same height and width to avoid image shrinking..
It displais broken image when I change anything...

My web is: if you need it.
VERY NICE :) thx you
and can i change header image ? and how? thx before ;)

Why does pagination look different on cell phones?
how to add comment box in this template???
Very nice template, congrats!

I wonder if it's possible to have a big image instead of the gray area (I think the gray area is called "herro" section). The idea is to remove the circle photo and have a big image in the full gray area. Is it possible?

And like Jeniffer I'd like to know why the pagination looks different on smartphones.

Thanks a lot!
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