Installing Blogger Template

Download Blogger Template

Download XML or .zip from any blogger template website. Make sure that you are uploading the XML file to your blogger blog.

Identify the XML file

A blogger template file should end with .xml extension. Your downloaded file may contain documentation and other links which is not compatible with blogger. So make sure you select template file with .xml extension.

Selecting your blog and Installing template.

Visit or and login using Google account, you may asked to create a google account if you don’t have one.

After logged in to blogger, select proper blog that you like to use our template.

Before installing any blogger template don’t forget to take backup of your existing template.

How to Take Backup of your Existing Blogger Template 

From blogger template admin panel. Click Template > Backup / Restore
Click Download full template to take backup.

Upload Template (Refer the same pic shown above)

Select Template option from left sidebar (PIC ref NO:1)

Choose Backup/Restore Option on top right corner (PIC ref NO:2)

Take a backup of old template (PIC ref NO:4)

As shown in above click Choose File button and select the template file

Click Upload button

Now you completed the blogger template installation.

Blogger Template Upload Not working?

Sometimes you may get an error while installing some blogger templates. In that case please follow this method to avoid that problem.

Open the template file in notepad or in any other text editor as shown below.

Copy all template files from note pad or use Ctrl+a and Ctrl+c to select and copy everything from note pad.

Now Go back to blogger admin panel and follow step 1 and 2 as shown below.


In the template Editor window, select all old code and paste the new code that you copied from the template you downloaded and click save as shown below.


Now your template is installed on your blogger blog.