Create Android App for Your Blogger Blog

Are you planning to build an android app for your blog? Do you need something cool and need to attract more visitors to your blog? We can help you with that without burden of learn coding. First of all download the below mentioned demo app.

Are you Happy with Demo App?

Hope you are happy with Demo android app. Do you need a similar one for your blogger blog? Then you are in the right place.
We are introducing a product which will help you to easily build an android app for any blogger blog. Blogger blog app development template is named as bloggercordova
BloggerCordova is an easy to use blogger blog android app template where you can create unlimited apps by just changing a url and allowing full blog feeds.
Using web technologies: BloggerCordova is created for hybrid apps. And we are using cordova, angularjs and Ionicframework to create nice looking android apps

What you have to do

First you need to purchase blogger blog app development kit from codecanyon. After successful purchase, you.


Easily create app without much skills of coding and development.
Easily port your android app to IOS or Windows without writing any extra codes.


You need to allow full blog feeds.
We will not provide extra customization for free(We will only provide apk files).
Have to pay extra fees for signed version of app.